Lower Back

Main exercise list.

90/90 Crunch

Assisted Roll Down

Back Plank with a Swiss Ball

Bird Dog Progression

Cat / Cow Stretch

Chop in Half Kneeling

Chop in Kneeling

Cook Bridge

Front Plank

Hamstring / Adductor / Erector Stretch, Seated

Kettle Bell Half Get Up

Knees to Chest Both Knees

Knees to Chest Single Knee

Lifts In Half Kneeling

Lifts In Kneeling

Lower Body Rolling Pattern

Piriformis Stretch

Press Up / Cobra

Psoas With Core Activation

Quadruped Ball Squat With Shoulder Extension

Side Step With Theraband

Side Plank

Spinal Imprinting

Spinal Twist

Upper Body Rolling Pattern

Wall Squat-Isometric With Ball

Cervical Rotation with Core Activation




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