What we do

Since 1989, Ultimate Sports Medicine has been serving the athletic community by providing gold standard care, integrating sports chiropractic, soft tissue therapy, and corrective exercise rehabilitation.  With over 30 years of practice experience, we understand that each individual is unique and will require a personalized assessment and diagnosis to create an effective treatment plan.

We employ the most effective and cutting-edge evaluation and treatment methods to help our patients.  Our years of work with sports teams and elite individual athletes gives us the experience to provide you with the best outcome possible.

We focus on evaluating and treating your musculoskeletal injuries. Doing this allows us to help you achieve your sport or activity specific goals through functional based performance enhancement. At USM, we will find the root cause of your problem to effectively alleviate symptoms such as pain, irritation, and discomfort. Additionally, we will offer you lifestyle changes and corrective exercises to minimize the risk of re-injury.

If your goal is performance enhancement, we will evaluate asymmetric and inefficient movement patterns by using Selective Functional Movement Assessment, gait analysis, and other tools to determine the best pathway to improve your health and competitive goals.

The Ultimate Sports Medicine Team believes that each patient’s needs are of the greatest importance. This philosophy has created a practice that is primarily referral-based. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you!

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